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"Rev Heather is an amazing person and reader! She gave me THE MOST ACCURATE READING I'VE EVER RECEIVED. She was so wonderful and I'm so happy with the reading I got. I will DEFINITELY BE GETTING ANOTHER READING FROM HEATHER!"

"Rev Heather was awesome.  As someone who is highly sensitive to energies and being attuned to mediumship I was having problems with an attachment.  She confirmed what I was feeling and sensing and knew exactly what to do to get rid of it. It used to get so hot in here and smell funky, but now the air in here smells good and the temperature is a lot cooler. There's no‚Äč heaviness. Thank you Heather so much."

"Rev Heather is such an amazing person and I absolutely love working with her. I've raved about her to all my friends and I genuinely am always so happy and excited whenever I am able to do a session with her."

"Heather provided insight to many different past lives, as well as to an issue affecting me now. Thank you! :)"

"I appreciated her thorough and insightful reading. Her intuition is strong and helpful. Thank you!"

"Beyond amazing. She really connected some doors for me and left me without words."

"Rev. Heather wrote me a beautiful ceremony as I requested!"

"Thank you Rev Heather for a very grounding session and for taking the time to listen and send reminders. You are truly a master at what you do and I am glad to have the opportunity to connect with you."

"Amazing, engaging, and spot on. So many similarities in our session between provider and client that it created an immediate sense of kinship and trust. The information was hard to hear, but very accurate. Definitely plan to keep coming back for additional insight, validation, and clarity. Love!"