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About Rev Heather Choppin

Rev Heather Choppin has 26 years of experience as a magician and 10 years of experience as a northern European shaman. She received her B.A. in Wicca and Religion and was ordained in 1998 through Our Lady of Enchantment Seminary. In 1999, she became involved in Thelema and founded the Temple of the Equinox Tradition of Wicca finding the traditional Wiccan balance of ceremonial magic and natural magic, as well as the balance of feminine and masculine to be most productive. She took her Minveral degree initiation into Ordo Templi Orientis in 2003.

In 2004, upon graduating from college with a BA in Archeology and a BA in Geography. She also explored and studied Kemetic Orthodoxy during this time. Heather went on to co-found a pagan church, Nature Church, in Pennsylvania. There she gained a lot of experience with running and leading a religious organization. She was also active in the Interfaith Alliance on community projects and discussions and this allowed openness between clergy of Abrahamic faiths with clergy of pagan faith.

In 2007, she was initiated into Golden Dawn. It was during the Golden Dawn work she was spirit called by Odin and called by her ancestors to the path of northern European shaman or volva. Heather’s shamanic journey began by spending a year in isolation in a primitive one room cabin where the ancestors and Odin tore her down and rebuilt her. This log cabin was located in Nebraska just on the other side of Pine Ridge Reservation. The Native American Lakota tribe medicine men helped her during this process and during her vision quest the Thunder Beings came to her.

 She was then honored as a special type of medicine man called a heyoka. A heyoka is a trickster or sacred clown in the Lakota religion. The spiritual power they hold is to be contrary to the normal ways. In short, their power is to help people think outside of the box, to be a self-reflecting mirror so others can take a hard look at themselves. Heyoka also call attention to problems in the community no one is willing to talk about. As encouraged by the Lakota she then followed in the path of her European ancestors with Odin's influences guiding her to further personal growth and illumination.

In 2015 she moved to St Louis, Missouri.  She is the founder of Wodanaz Kindred and is a member of The Troth and ADF. She enjoys helping others and educating the public and teaches many classes at Mystical Journeys in Alton. IL. She is currently pursuing her studies to become clergy with The Troth, a northern​ european church. She serves as Vice-President and Teacher at ADF Grove of the Gathering Waters.