Merovech Consulting​ LLC

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Merovech Consulting LLC for All Your Spiritual Needs

  • Intuitive psychic readings
  • Teaches many classes and workshops
  • Psychic defense and protection work
  • House cleansing, sealing, and blessing
  • Spirit trapping and removal
  • Exorcisms from place or person
  • Shamanic healing and journey work
  • Dream interpretation
  • Channeling/Horsing deities
  • Pastoral and magical counseling
  • Spell and ritual writing

Rev Heather Choppin has 27 years of experience as a magician and 10 years experience as a Volva, a northern European shaman. She was ordained in 1998 after four years of study and earning her B.A. in Wicca and Religious Arts. She has varied experiences in pagan leadership in Wicca and ceremonial magick orders, including interfaith work.  She is a member of the Troth and ADF. 

Psychic Defense and Exorcism Consultations

All consultations are $25 and include an hour long interview and a written plan of action.

Psychic Defense and Exorcism Work

I do not shy away from the darker things in the spiritual realms. I specialize in psychic warfare and protection. Using my skills as a ceremonial magician and a shaman I work with people seeking to remove malevolent spirits from their lives. These malevolent spirits are from many cultures and they seek to feed upon people's emotions and energies. These parasitic beings often become symbiotic with their host. They can even create an addictive nature in their host. Reattachment sometimes occurs as the host opens themselves up to the spirit again. I give the client a skill set and help them through this process with spiritual counseling and they are able to find the freedom they seek.

I offer the removal spirits from a location if a simple house cleaning does not resolve your problem. Divination is always performed to determine the correct course of action.

I have worked against malevolent spirits from many cultures such as trolls, kobolds, shadow beings, shadow people, reptilians, and Japanese oni to name a few.

House Cleansing

You will physically clean your house. I will come in and spiritually clean it and seal it to protect it from negative outside influences or issues with spirits.


 Consultation Required

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Spirit Trapping and Removal

If a spirit resides in the location and a cleansing does not get rid of it I will trap it and remove it. This requires building a trap, identification and research, and time spent in meditation.

$75 and up.

 Consultation Required

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Exorcism of Place or Person

This requires several visits to person or location and a lot of time in the office. It requires more supplies, an assistant and comes with danger factors.

Cheapest Exorcist in the St Louis Area

$150 and up . 30% of fee is due at signing.

 Consultation Required

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Norse Shamanism Work

Shamanism is the art of spirit journey and an established relationship with a set of spirits or deities. As a shaman I will conduct a spirit journey on your behalf to seek answers to your important questions. I will astral travel to the spirit realm to communicate with the spirits for you.

If you have something in your ancestral past or past lives holding you back I will return to those times and remove oaths or curses that are holding you back. Sometimes our ancestors may have broken an oath or angered a spirit. I will utilize the information found on the spirit journey to talk to the spirit and see how to make amends.  This is called wyrd walking.

I also do horsing and channeling of deities. More information on separate Horsing/ Channeling page.

Spirit Journey Messages

I will spirit journey to the realm of spirits and get specific questions answered for you and deliver messages from higher spiritual beings.

$40 a half hour or $75 an hour

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Spirit Called?

So has a particular deity or spirit been coming to you and showing up in your dreams.  You may be being spirit or god/dess called. I can help you with this process by giving  confirmation, knowledge, practices, and directions to gain more from the relationship.

 $75 for two hour session

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Life Path Readings

I will use divination and spirit journey to discover your life path. I lead you down many paths to find the best path for you. Topics such as the mind, the heart, spiritual aspirations, goals and more are covered.

$40 for an half hour

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Wyrd Walking

If you have something in your ancestral past or past lives holding you back I will return to those times and remove oaths or curses that are holding you back. Sometimes our ancestors may have broken an oath or angered a spirit. I will utilize the information found on the spirit journey to talk to the spirit and see how to make amends. This is called wyrd walking.

$40 a half hour or $75 an hour

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Volva Spae Work

I will serve as your volva by doing spae  with groups or individuals. Spae is a branch of Norse/Germanic magic to see into the future. I will sit in a Highseat in full regalia and reveal the answers to your questions to the gods or spirits. I am willing to travel outside the St Louis area if travel expenses are paid.

Group starts at $100.

Individuals $50

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Horsing/Channeling the Gods

I will horse/channel  certain Norse/Germanic deities for you to communicate with directly.  This is a form of full possession work where the god takes over my body and mind and interacts with you.I will also horse for groups and rituals. Please see my separate page for more on this subject.

$100 and up plus travel expenses

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Other Services Offered

Now these services offered by phone or skype!

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Spell and Ritual Writing

Do you have a specific need for a custom spell or ritual? After a free consultation I will write a ritual or spell to bring you the success or outcome you desire.

 Spell $30. Ritual $50.

Pastoral Counseling

Going through some spiritual struggles?  Drowning in the Dark Night of The Soul? Lost in the Abyss? Just need someone to talk to?  Called as a shaman and feel you are going crazy? I offer spiritual counseling to help guide you through difficult times. 

$80 an hour.

Dream Interpertation

Having crazy dreams? Need some help to figure out what they mean? Talk to me and we can discover it together. I have experience with Jungian psychology to help decipher your dreams. I am not a licensed therapist.

Dream Interpretation is

$ 40 a half hour.